Audio board also known as sound board

Laptop audio sound board

In most laptops the audio board also know as sound board is integrated into the motherboard. In other words, it’s a part of the motherboard and cannot be removed or replaced separately.

Why the audio board cannot be removed? Because the audio chip is soldered to the motherboard.

Audio sound chip

If the audio board fails, you’ll have to replace the whole motherboard.


1. There is no sound from internal speakers or headphones.

  • Make sure the volume level is not set to minimum.
  • Make sure the volume is not muted.
  • If the volume is not mutes and volume level is not set to minimum, but you still have no sound, try reinstalling the audio driver.
  • If reinstalling the audio driver doesn’t help, try reinstalling the operating system.
  • If nothing helps, it’s possible you have a problem with the audio board.

2. Headphones are working fine but there is no sound coming from the laptop speakers.

  • Sometimes contacts inside the audio jack get stuck and there is no external sound because of that.┬áTry to plug and unplug the headphone connector into the jack very quickly a few times.
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25 comments on “Audio board also known as sound board
  1. JL says:

    My related problem is static & pops when I record with my Logitech USB microphone. Background: the mic works in other computers; the mic has the problem in either USB port of my laptop; a Windows 7 check says I have the latest driver and it’s working properly; the laptop’s internal mic works OK; likewise an analog mic works OK in the 1/8″ jack. Tech support at MSI (by phone) says it’s probably my audio chip, so I’d have to replace the motherboard or laptop. Yikes! Everything else works fine. Is there another choice? Wouldn’t I have other audio problems if it’s the audio chip?

  2. Paul Martin says:

    I have removed both of my jacks on satellite pro a210 and don’t require them but need to bridge the connections so I can use the built in speakers how do I go about doing this ?

  3. Karl says:

    That sounds to me like it would more likely be a hardware issue than a software problem, but you could try reinstalling the drivers or installing an older or newer version of the drivers.

  4. Dustin says:

    Qosmio x305-q705
    I recently upgraded to windows 7 and now after installing all drivers from toshiba the volume control wheel only takes th volume down but some times if I go slow it takes it up a notch before going back down.

    Any help would be great.

  5. Al says:

    I’ve been searching different forums for 2 days now and I’ve found onlt one person with the same problem as mine.
    “after upgrading, whether I roll the sound wheel clockwise or counterclockwise, it only lowers the system volume” any ideas ? ?
    He went from Vista to Windows 7. I upgraded the video card from 9700 to 9800gtx. We Are talking Qosmio x305-q705.

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