LCD screen cable

Laptop LCD screen video cable

A laptop LCD cable also known as video cable, display cable or screen cable. This cable transfers data signal from the motherboard and video card to the LCD screen. Also, most video cables supply high voltage DC power to the screen inverter.

On the picture you can see a typical laptop video cable. The cable has three ends with three connectors. One end plugs into the connector on the back of the LCD screen, the second end plugs into the inverter board, the third end plugs into the connector on the motherboard or video card.

The top part of the cable runs inside the laptop display panel between the LCD screen and display cover.

LCD cable inside laptop display

The bottom part of the cable could be found either under the keyboard or keyboard bezel.

LCD cable under keyboard

In order to remove and replace the LCD cable, it will be necessary to disassemble the whole laptop.


1. The image on the screen appears normal until you move the display up or down. When you move the display, the images on the entire screen starts to flicker, disappear or change collors. As soon as you stop moving the display, the image gets back to normal.

2. The LCD screen lights up but there is no image at all. The entire screen is blank. An external monitor connected to the laptop VGA port works fine, there is no problems with the external video output at all.

3. Image on the entire LCD screen is garbled. An external monitor works fine.

In many cases the video cable failures are very similar to the LCD screen failures.

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167 comments on “LCD screen cable
  1. Debendra Mohanta says:

    below on screen 1inch widely donot sowing letter and picture. There sowing widely multicolor on my acer aspire 5050 5951.

  2. spotty dot says:

    You will find that on some laptops mainly Samsung, that when the LCD cable is loose it will affect the keyboard, random I know but a quick fix is to give it a wiggle and tape it back down.

  3. T.Kasi Viswanadham says:

    Vertical coloured lines are coming on the screen of my laptop . when ever screen is adjusted towards front and back the line go away and screen looks normal. I think problem may be with the cable of my LED Screen . Mine is a HP G72 laptop. From where can i get the cable.Please suggest me.

  4. prakhar verma says: laptop is dead. so i want use laptop screen in pc. so how to change laptop lcd cable into vga pin.

  5. ed semulka says:

    I have a hp2000-239wm laptop that needs the lcd screen cable do you have one in stock. ed

  6. Antonis says:

    Hi i have used an inverter and an lcd cable from another laptop to repair a different model of laptop. Both cable and inverter it was fitting but when i turned on the power the motherboard smelled and now its dead.
    What was the wrong can motherboard burned by lcd cable or inverter?

  7. Mike says:

    Thank you very much for the info,

    My HP dv6 screen had turned pinkish, grenish with a few horizontal lines.

    i serched around the net for fixes.

    I followed your tutorial and i removed the screen and reconnected it all back and evrthing now works fine.

    I think the cables had loosened up.

    TIP: Check your cables and reconnect them to make sure its all tight and tighten the screws as well.

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