LCD screen

LCD screen

A laptop screen also known as LCD screen displays an image generated by the laptop video card. The LCD screen receives data signal from the video card through the LCD cable.

Laptop screens come in many different sizes and resolutions. In order to find the LCD screen size (in inches), you’ll have to measure the screen between the two diagonal corners.

Older laptops had mostly full screen LCD displays. Newer laptops have mostly widescreen LCD displays.

A backlight lamp (also known as CCFL bulb) is the main source of light in any LCD screen. The backlight lamp powers up by the inverter board.


The laptop screen mounts inside the laptop display panel between the screen bezel and display cover. The screen is attached to the screen brackets (display brackets) which are permanently attached to the display hinges.

LCD screen inside display panel


On the following images you’ll see some typical LCD screen related failures.

1. You can see image only on a part of the LCD screen. For example, only the top side of the screen works properly.

Only part of screen works

2. There is one or more thin multi color lines running down the screen.

Vertical color lines on LCD screen

3. There is a wide band running down the LCD screen. The

Vertical band down LCD screen


The LCD screen is one of the most expensive parts in a laptop computer. If your screen is damaged and you decide to replace it yourself, you’ll have to make sure to purchase a new screen compatible with your laptop. Hear are a few things to consider before buying a new screen:

1. Screen size.
2. Some laptops come with full size LCDs. Some laptops come with widescreen LCDs.
3. LCD screen could be matte or glossy.
4. Same size LCD screens may have different resolutions.

The best way to find a new replacement screen would be using the manufacturer’s part number or LCD screen model. Both could be found on the back side of the screen.

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132 comments on “LCD screen
  1. Repair Man says:

    @ Tego,

    Say the LCD part number is “ABC0123 V.4″ would an “ABC0123 V.1″
    be compatible ?

    Most likely yes but I would recommend contacting the seller before you buy a new screen.
    Once I purchased an “upgraded” version of screen and it had mounting brackets located in a different places. I had to return the screen and purchase exactly the same version.
    But in most cases newer versions are backward compatible. That’s I’m telling from my experience.

  2. Tego says:

    Are different versions/revisions compatible within a series ?
    Say the LCD part number is “ABC0123 V.4″ would an “ABC0123 V.1″
    be compatible ?

  3. B.D says:

    i have a problem about my laptop lcd screen the screen is ok when the lcd it not yet open completely ,when i open completely the screen turns to white

  4. Lois says:

    Hopefully, I can post a question. We just finished reassembling our Presario V5303 laptop monitor. the screen had gone totally black, we replaced the inverter and the screen worked for 3 months then went black again. We took the monitor completely apart. First we discovered the wire from the inverter to the backlight had burned through. We replaced the backlight and the inverter. Put everything together. I will admit we did lots of handling of the disassembled monitor trying to get the backlight re installed.
    Now when I turn on the computer I get vertical lines of varing widths, some one inch, some pencil line thick. They are various colors and thats it. When I use an external monitor all works perfectly. Of course, that defeats the idea of portable laptop.

    What other things could be wrong, I will say the video cable was exposed for some time. Any assistance would be great.

  5. stacey says:

    I just replaced the LCD screen on a Dell Mini 1018. worked at first except there was a rapid “flash” (like a camera flash). I shut the computer down and it went thru maybe 16 updates. Now the computer comes on, power and use light are on but there is NOTHING on the screen. HELP!

  6. krishika says:

    some times my laptop screen turns into a black screen for few moments and comes to normal…. and says screen stopped responding… is there any problem with my screen?

  7. Ryan says:

    Ryan here again, just a follow up post on some missing information. I have a HP Pavilion dv9700 laptop.

  8. Ryan says:

    Hello, I recently started having problems with my laptop and believe the screen to be the issue. If the laptop is shut off, when it is next powered up, the screen will not show anything. I have done the flashlight test (to see if the backlight was out), but the screen appears totally blank. The computer will boot up without any issues, and works with an external monitor. Turning the laptop off and back on sometimes fixes this issue until the next time the laptop is shut off. Is this is an issue with my LCD screen or is it possible that it is the screen inverter or video cables? Is there anyway for me to test these to make sure they are not the issue?

  9. Misa says:

    I have a green horizontal line running across the bottom of my screen above my task bar. It’ll show up for a second, disappear and then about two seconds later reappear.

  10. Repair Man says:


    Now i got a problem in my lap that is no display with power led flashing only… no beep and no display
    I hope u will respond with my this this complain and do the need full solution

    1. Remove the battery, unplug the AC adapter. Push on the power button for a few seconds. Now plug in the AC adapter and test again.
    2. If it doesn’t help, measure voltage on the AC adapter. Make sure the adapter outputs correct voltage.
    3. Try reconnecting memory modules. Try removing memory modules one by one.

    If nothing helps, probably this is motherboard failure.

  11. subin says:

    Hai dear friend,
    your website very valid for me…so may i ask some questions of a laptop common problems??? i hope u will answer me the better solution..
    Now i got a problem in my lap that is no display with power led flashing only… no beep and no display
    I hope u will respond with my this this complain and do the need full solution

  12. Scott says:

    I’ve got a Dell D620. My screen is jumping like one of the old high school film projectors and have lines going horizonal. Then it will stop for a while. This has been happening for a few days. Today the image started going multi-colored and blurring more. If I adjust the screen (opening & closing like), is sometimes helps, like a wire is not connecting right. Is this a screen issue or a video card? Or is could it be the wiring that is behind the screen? Thanks for your input…

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