Screen inverter board

Laptop screen inverter board

Laptop inverter boards (also know as LCD inverter, FL inverter, screen inverter, backlight inverter) come in different shapes and sizes. On the picture above you see some typical looking inverter boards found in laptop computers.

The inverter board works as a power supply for the backlight lamp mounted inside the LCD screen. The inverter board converts low voltage DC power (few volts) supplied by the motherboard to high voltage AC power (few hundred volts) needed for the backlight lamp.

When the inverter board works properly, the backlight lamp gets power and the LCD screen lights up. As a result, the image on the screen is bright.


On the picture below you can see a typical laptop display assembly which includes the LCD screen, video cable and inverter board.
One side of the inverter board connects to the backlight lamp and another side to the video cable (LCD screen cable).

LCD screen assembly


In most laptops the inverter board is mounted below the LCD screen as it shown on the picture below. You can get an access to the inverter board when you remove the screen bezel – a plastic frame around the LCD screen.

Inverter location in laptop display


Usually inverters fail in one of the following ways:

1. When you turn on the laptop, the screen lights up for a short period of time and then goes dark. You still can see an image but it is very dark, almost invisible and definitely not usable. When you restart the laptop, the screen lights up and then goes dark again. The laptop works fine with an external monitor.
2. Your laptop turns on but the screen remains dark all the time. You still can see a very dim image outline. The laptop works fine with an external monitor.
3. The laptop screen works fine for hours or even days, but sometimes it goes very dark as it mentioned above. When you restart the laptop, the screen works fine again.

Inverter failure symptoms are very similar to backlight lamp failure symptoms and in most cases you cannot tell which one is causing the problem until you replace either the inverter board or the backlight lamp. From my personal experience, inverter boards fail more often than backlight lamps. If you have to guess, replace the inverter first.

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445 comments on “Screen inverter board
  1. Kingsley says:

    I hav a HP pavilion DV7. It fell off from my lap and landed on the floor. At first the display became very dim in such that I can hardly see what’s on d screen, but it got better when I restart and works very well but when ever I try touching or adjusting the lid it goes totally black and it doesn’t come up till I restart again. Pls could this be an inverter problem?

  2. joe says:

    I have a dv6000 that works but I can’t see the screen unless I hold a flashlight to it. I have replaced the LCD cable, inverter, and screen and still experiencing the same problem! It works on an external monitor. Any thoughts on what it might be? I have too much in it to quit now, but want to be sure its the motherboard before I replace it too.

  3. Juan Antonio says:

    Mi portatiles un Acer Aspire 4810TG, la pantalla está negra, Si se ilumina con una linterna se ve, y también en monitor externo, he desmontado la pantalla, pero no logro localizar el inverter, Mi pregunta es si la pantalla lleva incorporado el inverter, y si compro una pantalla, traerá incorporado el inverter.


  4. Animal charity Fraserburgh says:

    Hello. We need a new inverter board for our laptop, have checked if we got some spare inverters as there is a cupboard full of laptop parts left over from computer company. We have one which has identical dimension and in/out is the same as well as mounting holes – all looks exactly the same, but the model differs slightly. Can we use the spare part? There is no technical specifications anywhere on the internet – how do we check whether these are the same inverters?

  5. badmedix says:

    my gateway laptop goes black when starting,and when i try to reformat, it didnt boot. how can i solve?

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